Ojo de pez

Ojo de pez

About Us


Ojo de Pez is a studio that specializes in understanding ideas. We create visual pieces for architectural and infrastructure projects through the application of 3D content and technology.

Our passion is to communicate sensations by means of incisive and vivid imagery. We go beyond images.

We would love to have a conversation with you! Our studio is conviniently located in Bogotá, Colombia. You can contact us at comercial@ojodepez.com.co

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Bogotá, Carrera 9A Nº 61-51 Of 207
Phone: +57 1 3226629

General Manager

Miguel A. Angulo Azuero
Email: gerencia@ojodepez.com.co
Mobile: +57 3158996486

Key Account Manager

Angela María Salazar Amador
Email: comercial@ojodepez.com.co
Mobile: +57 3193730771